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  • Make more money
  • Websites and marketing for less than $1/day
  • Add customers through online advertising
  • Quick and easy to start
  • No set up costs

What We Do

Made4Maids is dedicated to helping small house cleaning companies make more money.  We provide high-quality, low cost websites and hosting.  We then help you find new customers through Google searches, classified advertisements, industry listings, and more.

We also can you help you advertise for yourself, with car doormagnets, magnetic business cards, door hangers, shirts, mugs, pens, etc.  All success hinges on having a professional website, and getting people to go to your website.  This makes you look more professional, making your service more valuable, often allowing you to raise prices.

Companies already with a lot of customers can make more money by raising prices to new clients.

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Costs less than $1 per day

  • Website with your own address (
  • Local SEO (Google) marketing
  • Organic SEO marketing
  • Local classified advertising
  • listing
  • Facebook site
  • and more...


Do you have a friend with a house cleaning business?
  • Refer them to us, and when they sign up:
  1. You get a $30 credit
  2. They get a $20 credit
  • Earn unlimited referral credits
  • Spend your credits on services or products


One-stop shopping for house cleaners:
  • Full-color door hangers
  • Car door magnets
  • Magnetic business card
  • Embroidered/screened T-shirts, polos, aprons, jackets
  • Printed business cards, envelopes, etc.
  • Pens, mugs, bags, and more...



    "I am so happy that my friend introduced me to Made4Maids.  I have been cleaning houses for 5 years, and could never quite keep my schedule full.  I filled up in my first 3 months, and now I have raised my prices.  I am even thinking about adding a second crew now.  Thanks so much!"

  • Elizabeth H, Denver

    "I never knew how to build my business other than referrals from my customers.  Made4maids built my business for me so fast, and it was so simple to do.  I thought that I would need to be a computer expert, but they did everything for me.  I love that my customers and friends can see my website on my Ipad.I highly recommend anyone with a house cleaning business to use your services!"

  • Gabriela C, Houston

    "I always knew I needed a website to start my business, but it was very expensive and laborious. Made4Maids made it simple for me and I'm making a lot more money now than ever before. Thank You."