About Us

Made4Maids is dedicated to helping small housecleaning companies make more money.  We provide personalized high-quality, low-cost websites and hosting.  We then help you find new customers through Google searches, classified advertisements, industry listings, and more.  We also can you help you advertise for yourself, with car door magnets, business cards, door hangers, shirts, mugs, pens, etc.


All success hinges on having a professional website, and getting people to go to your website.  This makes you look more professional, making your service more valuable, often allowing you to raise prices.  Companies already with a lot of customers can make more money by raising prices to new clients.


Made4Maids is owned and operated by Don Black, an American businessman with a background in marketing.  His wife, Eliane, is from Brazil, and like many immigrants, worked for a while as a housecleaner.  To build her business, Don designed and printed some professional flyers that she delivered door-to-door.  In a short amount of time, Eliane had her schedule filled.


Many of Eliane’s friends asked Don to make flyers for their businesses as well.  Before long the light turned on, and they realized that there were thousands of small housecleaning services throughout North America that could benefit from their expertise.

Made4Maids now draws on those early experiences, as well as input from companies like yours, all over the continent, to constantly improve their services and products.

In doing so, Made4Maids has become the one-stop marketplace for all housecleaning service marketing, advertising, branding and promotional needs.

So start today.  Let us help you build your business and make more money!