You really should, but it is not required.If you live in a small community where you do not have a lot of competition, having your address showing won’t make a lot of difference.But if you live in a large city, or anywhere that there is a lot of other house cleaning companies, it is very important to list your address.One of the best sources of new customers is local SEO. In other words, when a prospective customer looks for a housecleaning company online, Google will show them a list of nearby companies. If you have no address on your website, you don’t make the list and your competition gets the new customer.When you first list an address, Google will mail a postcard to that address.  You will then text or email us a code printed on the postcard.  We enter that code in to Google and now Google will allow anyone near you to find your website.  If your address changes after that point it doesn’t matter, you will still be registered at the old address (unless you want to change).So if you really don’t want your address on the site, list the address of a friend that lives close to where you do your work.

Think about the tortoise and the hare.SEO (google searches etc.) is the tortoise.  Slow and steady.  It takes a couple of months for Google to fully recognize you, and then whenever anyone searches for housecleaning in your area, you come up.  It will bring you clients slowly, and continuously.Door hangers are the hare.  Door hangers will bring you the fastest possible results.  The key is to show potential clients that you service their area, and that you are professional and competent.  Cheap flyers don’t say that.  They say that you cut corners and are sloppy.  But professionally designed door hangers directing customers to a high-quality website tells the customer that you will treat their house with the same care that you treat your door hangers and website.Pick a neighborhood, and put out 2-300 door hangers.  If you like the results, keep going in that neighborhood.  If you don’t pick up clients, pick a different neighborhood.So which is better?  Both!Here are some good steps to follow in order:1. Get a high-quality professional website.2. Pick a neighborhood to focus on. Find the kind of neighborhood where people are most likely to hire house cleaning companies.3. Buy professionally designed  door hangers; the more the better. Put them on every door in the neighborhood.4. People who are thinking about hiring cleaning help will be impressed with the quality of your flyers and website.5. Offer a first-time discount on your website. People all love bargains.5. Make sure you show up wearing clothing with your company name on it.7. Give your new customer magnetic business cards, and ask for referrals of friends and neighbors that might be interested as well.

Absolutely.  It is designed to work on I-phones, I-pads, all Android devices, and all major internet browsers.